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Define at := ι(x a) where ι : R → gR is the quotient map. We have (T a)t = −tat−1 since T (xt a) = txt−1 a + xt T a. Since (e∂x ∂λ f )g[aλ b] = (∂x(i) f )g at+i b λ(t) , t,i≥0 the bracket of gR is (∂x(i) xt )xs ai b = [at , bs ] = ι i≥0 i≥0 t (ai b)t+s−i . i It follows that gR is the algebra generated by the vector space R[x±1 ] with t relations (T a)t = −tat−1 and [at , bs ] = i (ai b)t+s−i . Thus there exists a unique algebra epimorphism ι : gR → g(R) such that at → at . 7. In this case ι is an isomorphism.

The non-trivial commutators of g(tVir) are ∓ ˆ [Qn , Gm ] = Ln+m + nJn+m + (n2 − n)δn+m d/2, ˆ [Ln , Jm ] = −mJn+m − (n2 + n)δn+m d/2. 5 we present further examples of vertex Lie algebras: semidirect products, the λ-commutator of an associative conformal algebra, and vertex Lie algebras constructed from Frobenius algebras. 6 we give a second construction of free vertex Lie algebras. 8 we discuss the functor R → (R0 , R1 ) from Ngraded vertex Lie algebras to 1-truncated vertex Lie algebras and construct a left adjoint for it.

Then (w − x)3n [[a(z), b(w)], c(x)] = k 2n (w − x)n (w − z)k (z − x)2n−k [[a(z), b(w)], c(x)] = 0 k because the summand for k ≥ n is 0 since a(z), b(z) are local and the summand for k ≤ n is 0 since a(z), c(z) and b(z), c(z) are local and we may apply the Leibniz identity. Applying resz (z − w)i · the claim follows. ✷ If R is an unbounded conformal algebra then we denote by S¯ ⊂ R the unbounded conformal subalgebra generated by a subset S ⊂ R. If S ⊂ g[[z ±1 ]] is a local subset then S¯ is local because of Dong’s lemma and because locality of a(z), b(z) implies locality of ∂z a(z), b(z).

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