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By Edmund T. Whittaker

First-class remedy of Electrodynamics and Relativity idea from a decent ancient viewpoint. Whittaker's perspectives are suppressed simply because he was once courageous adequate to inform the reality concerning the real contributions of Einstein to the Relativity thought (properly attributed to Poincaré and Lorentz).

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30, 1882, Nov. ”6 Grant, who had already filled the at-large places, stretched the rules and made Michelson the eleventh appointee. At the Naval Academy Michelson excelled at boxing— he was the school champion— and at physics. At commencement, Superintendent John L. ” After Michelson completed his two-year postgraduate cruise, the navy found a use for him as an instructor of physics and chemistry at Annapolis. 7 In time he met Margaret Heminway, a niece of his superior officer and the daughter of a wealthy W all Street broker; the couple was soon married in the family’s Episcopal church.

Yet even the prominent private colleges sometimes practiced outright intellectual suppression, in­ cluding the dismissal of a professor of biology at Amherst who had sought to inculcate knowledge of the clam through a course in dissection and whose successor was told to teach the subject “as an absolutely de4 Charles W . Eliot, in Proceedings of the National Education Association, 1813, p. 111. 5 Oscar Lewis, T he Big Four: T h e Story of Huntington, Stanford, Hopkins, and Crocker, and of the Building of the Central Pacific (New York, 1945), pp.

6 George and Gilman are quoted in Franklin, Gilman, pp. 146-47, 155. ”7 No honor went to general education either. Gilman, who had coped enough with undergraduate matters in Berkeley and who had once savored the atmosphere of the -German universities, proposed a different way of promoting science for cultivated purposes. The goal of Hopkins would be “the encouragement of research”— not for practical ends but for its own sake. Gilman had to satisfy the more undergraduate-minded trustees and could not manage a complete breakaway from the traditional college.

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A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity - The Classical Theories by Edmund T. Whittaker

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