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By Peter Freund

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This interesting e-book assembles human tales approximately physicists and mathematicians. Remarkably, those tales cluster round a few basic subject matters having to do with the interplay among scientists, and with the impression of historical occasions resembling the appearance of fascism and communism within the 20th century on scientists habit. in brief, yet lucidly, a few of the attractive technological know-how that introduced those scientists jointly within the first position is defined

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Think of Einstein who, in constructing his General Relativity, used the already existing geometry of spaces in which the concepts of distance and curvature are defined — a geometry discovered by Riemann in the nineteenth century. There exist a great many beautiful and important mathematical theories and mathematical objects. Occasionally, from this multitude mathematicians, presciently it seems, discover precisely those mathematical theories and objects that correspond to natural phenomena not even hinted at, let alone discovered in their time.

Historically, such epochs have coincided either with the births of major new theories or with the creation of the requisite tools for the next breakthrough. When a new theory is born, all three planes tend to come together. Not even the distance between the two outer planes is fixed. There are many examples. In the days of Newton the distances between any two of the three planes was almost null. After all, Newton himself may have been the greatest experimentalist, the greatest theoretician, and the greatest mathematician who ever lived.

This second commission handed in its final report in 1992, and on October 31 of that year, the Pope addressed the Pontifical Academy on the subject of Galileo. His discourse can be interpreted as a rehabilitation of the old rascal. Were we to take Maupertuis at his word and believe that the classical path of an object is indeed the one that least displeases God, we might have to ask where this leaves Feynman and his sum-over-histories. qxd 6/5/2007 2:34 PM Page 36 FA 36 A Passion for Discovery Feynman, at the quantum level of the microscopic world, all paths are traveled, there is no further distinction between godly paths and sinful ones, every path gets a chance.

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