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By Graham King

ISBN-10: 0007400950

ISBN-13: 9780007400959

The entire advisor to abbreviations and acronyms.

  • from Abba to Zip, the full advisor to abbreviations
  • the easiest and worst of acronyms, from Mencap to CREEP
  • the fitting reference resource for domestic, place of work, university or study

    'Collins Wordpower' is a chain of compact, accomplished and easy publications to English utilization: the true English courses to genuine English.

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    Unthinkingly, we use dozens, perhaps hundreds of them every day: BBC, BO, DJ, DIY, PDQ, M&S … ft, ins, lbs, ozs, kilos. Many of them have been in use so long we forget the actual words, phrases or names they represent: RSVP, QED, APC, BUPA. Others, of more recent invention, hide fearsome medical terms we prefer to put out of our minds anyway, like Aids, BSE, TSS and CJD. Acronyms – where the initials of a phrase or saying form a meaningful or pronounceable word – can be even more hermetic. How many of us would score ten out of ten for reciting correctly the full meanings of Oxfam, radar, scuba, Saga, Qantas, laser and Wasp?

    Other traps include FID (Falkland Islands Dependencies), PICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act in the US), FIFO (first in, first out), FEA (Federation of European Aerosol Associations), FGA (Flat Glass Association) and FPA (Family Planning Association). And take care if a name has the attached abbreviation FRCS. It could be that the holder is an esteemed Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons or, on the other hand (if you’re in Australia) a member of the Federation of Rabbit Clearance Societies.

    Cabal derives from the Hebrew qabbala, meaning ‘secret doctrines’. C degree of heat in Celsius or centigrade; Carboniferous (geology); capacitance (physics); Cape; American series of cargo aircraft, (eg C-10); Catholic; Celtic; century; Roman numeral for 100; euphemism for cancer; cocaine; calk = street (Spanish); canon; canto; Captain; Cardinal; chief; Christian; circuit; club (cards); Conservative; copyright; coulomb; Commodore; Corps; council; Count; County; cold c carat; capacity; carbon; catcher (baseball); caught (cricket); cent; centavo; centime; centre; century; chapter; child; church; circuit; circa = about (eg C1850); city; cloudy; cold; colt; commended; contralto; copy; copyright; council; county; coupon; court; cousin; crowned; cubic; curate; curacy; currency; cycle CI supervisory or clerical occupational category (ABC1C2 etc) C2 skilled or responsible manual worker occupational category C3 low grade physical fitness category C4 Channel Four Television c/- care of (also c/o) CA Consumers’ Association; capital allowances; Caterers’ Association; Central America; Certificate of Airworthiness; charge d’affaires; Chartered Accountant; chronological age; civil aviation; Companies Act; Corps d’Armee = Army Corps; Chief Accountant; Court of Appeal; Croquet Association; Crown Agent; current assets C/A capital account; credit account; current account Ca Canada; Canadian; compagnia = company (Italy) Ca circa = about (qv c); close annealed CAA Civil Aviation Authority; Capital Allowances Act; Clean Air Act; Civil Aeronautics Administration (US); County Agricultural Advisor CAB Citizens’ Advice Bureau; Canadian Association of Broadcasters cab taxi (from cabriolet); cabin; cabinet; cable CAC Central Advisory Committee; Consumer Advisory Council (US) CAD Crown Agents Department; computer-aided design CAE computer-aided education; computer-aided engineering; College of Advanced Education (Australian) Caern Caernarvonshire CAP Central African Federation; cost and freight (also caf, cf, c&f) CAFE corporate average fuel economy (US fuel consumption standard) CAG Concept Artists’ Guild; Composers’-Authors’ Guild CAH chronic active hepatitis CAI Club Alpino Italiano; Canadian Aeronautical institute CAL computer-assisted learning; Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (US) Cal Calcutta; Caledonia cal calibre; calendar; calorie CALPA Canadian Air Line Pilots’ Association CALTEX California Texas Petroleum Corporation CAM computer aided manufacturing Camb Cambrian, Cambridge Cambs Cambridgeshire CAMRA Campaign for Real Ale Canadian Provinces and Territories Abbreviations These are the two-letter abbreviations used by the Canadian Postal Service for its provinces and territories: AB Alberta NT Northwest Terr PE Prince Edward Is BC British Colombia NS Nova Scotia PQ Quebec LB Labrador ON Ontario SK Saskatchewan MB Manitoba NB New Brunswick UT Yukon Territory NF Newfoundland canc cancelled; cancellation C&A Chain stores named after Dutch brothers Clemens and Auguste Breeninkmeyer C&M care and maintenance Cant Canterbury Cantab Cambridge (from the Latin Cantabrigiensis) CAP Common Agricultural Policy (EU) Cap.

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