Abraham Lincoln’s DNA and Other Adventures in Genetics - download pdf or read online

By Philip R Reilly

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Twenty-four actual, wide-ranging stories of crime, background, human habit, sickness, and ethics, informed from the private viewpoint of the writer, an eminent physician-lawyer who makes use of the tales to demonstrate the foundations of human genetics. Philip Reilly makes use of those tales to demonstrate the foundations of human genetics and to debate the wider concerns.

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Efforts to extract DNA from old bones and use it to establish identity began in 1984 when Russell Higuchi, one of the scientists who developed PCR (polymerase chain reaction, a technology that enables one to amplify large amounts of DNA from exquisitely small initial samples), successfully retrieved mitochondrial DNA sequences from the remains of a 140-yearold quagga, a recently extinct species that looked like a cross between a horse and a zebra. A year later, an Italian scientist reported cloning DNA from an Egyptian mummy, and the race was on.

A mass funeral for the tsar’s family would rivet the nation and further strengthen the position of the Orthodox Church in post-Communist Russia. By the summer of 1995, efforts to confirm the identity of the Yekaterinburg massacre—by merely looking at the skulls and bones, one could see evidence of crushing blows, bayonet thrusts, and bullet wounds—had become mired in politics. The grave had been rediscovered in 1979, but it was only in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union that the government permitted the exhumation, which was carried out the day after Yeltsin’s inauguration.

He stood just shy of 4 feet, 11 inches tall. As he moved through adolescence, Toulouse-Lautrec seemed to grow uglier. His nose broadened, his lips thickened, his legs bowed, and, some say that his hands grew much too large for his tiny arms. He nobly fought the disability. One summer in Nice he walked, swam, and rode for weeks on end. ” But still he could not take up his father’s passions—riding and hunting. By the time he was 14, it was apparent that Henri would be burdened by a lifelong physical disability, one that was incompatible with the family 32 ■ H I STO RY traditions.

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